Slim toilet frame

Ref.: RES1101SLM
Dim.: 1210x590x140mm
EAN: 5606779228949
Kg / box: 16,45
Vol/cx: 0,101m³

Compatible with M571, M578, M670, M671, M678 flush plates
Tank Capacity: 9L
Hygienic reserve: 3L
Load test: 400Kg
Recommended water pressure range: 0,3-0,5 Mpa
Water Pressure Functional Range: 0,05-1,6Mpa
Double Discharge
Polystyrene insulation construction prevents condensation from forming on the
tank surface and dampens tank vibrations to the building structure
The structure allows anchoring to a plasterboard partition sufficiently
strong, in front of the supporting wall
Service opening cover simplifies assembly and prevents penetration
of moisture and impurities
Frame material: powder coated metal
Adjustable telescopic feet, reach 0–100 mm
Installation depth 84 mm


Structure for suspended toilet


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