Deck iZ 16x 220 cm Iron Co- extruded

Ref.: RD011IRON
EAN: 5606779180636

m² / Pc: 0,352
Kg / Pc: 6,82
Pc / pal: 189
m² / pal: 66,583
Kg / pal: 1.304
Certification: CE

Obs .: Requires substructure of type iZ - Rubicer / Rubideck






16x220 inch


22 mm


Polypropylene and wood fiber composite


Floating plug-in, easy installation

Surface Finishing





Outdoor floors, Indoor floors, Terraces and sea balconies, Pool areas



Water absorption


Linear expansion


Quantity / m²

2,84 deck boards + 21 clips + 1,60 beams


Co-Extruded Deck What is it? Co-extruded decks are made up of two parts: the core is made of wood fiber, PP polymer and additives. The cover is manufactured with polymers and special engineering additives, with extremely low water penetration. The cover is like a shield that prevents the core from absorbing water, UV rays, fungus and scratches. What are the advantages? By using our co-extruded deck you can avoid problems such as surface discoloration, cracking and fungus. In addition, Rubicer co-extruded deck has the advantage of being more resistant to scratches, stains, maintaining a longer life and with choices of colors and patterns with wood grains. • Durability: Co-extruded decks are designed for maximum durability. Resist fading, staining, scratching, mildew, no decay, no cracking and no warping. It also helps prevent bugs, doesn't break, and makes families with children and pets safer and more comfortable. • Low maintenance costs: With co-extruded decking, you don't have to worry about sanding and painting. For decades, it can remain stable and beautiful with an occasional wash with mild soap and water; • Aesthetics: the high definition wood pattern, rich in color, and with a more natural feel than ever before; • Sustainability: co-extruded decking provides the look and feel of wood without impacting the environment. The decks are made from recycled materials, including recycled industrial sawdust and plastic reclaimed from common items such as shopping bags and newspaper covers; • Value: in fact, in most cases, the initial cost of wood is less than that of co-extruded decking. However, if you add in the costs of wood decking maintenance such as cleaning and sealing every few years, wood and plastic co-extruded decking will stand out. It can also add great value to the house and make it a perfect investment.

Installation guide

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