Project Designation | RUBIWORLD

Project Code | CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-013776

Intervention Region | City Center


Approval date | 26-01-2016

Start date | 2015-10-26

Completion date | 2018-10-25

Total eligible cost | €895.440,00

European Union financial support (ERDF) | €402.948,00

Total Eligible Investment Executed| € 491.152,98

Objectives, Activities and Expected / Achieved Results

The project aimed to increase RUBICER's notoriety and growth in the global market, creating the conditions for the consolidation of its geographic expansion strategy and for the reinforcement of its position in global value chains with higher added value.

The company therefore intended to exploit the in-depth know-how it already had on the processes and procedures associated with direct export to boost its internationalization strategy, enhancing its penetration into new geographic markets that - due to their consumption trends - had a enormous potential for RUBICER.

For this purpose, the company outlined an internationalization plan - materialized in this project - based on 6 complementary activities whose execution would allow RUBICER, within a 2-year time horizon, not only to reinforce its presence in markets where until now only had recorded occasional and not very representative sales (USA, China, Spain, France, Germany and Holland), but mainly to enter 5 new geographic markets (Brazil, Algeria, Chile, Mexico and Colombia). These 6 activities each incorporated a set of actions directly related to the exhibition of their products and solutions at selected international fairs, by strengthening their positioning on the web and by exploring the opportunities associated with the digital economy, by designing and registering a brand specifically oriented to the international market, for prospecting trips to selected markets, for the design and production of international marketing materials and for the introduction of new organizational dynamics, in order to allow the company to respond, effectively, to the expected increase in requests from the international market.

After its conclusion, and based on the actions taken by the company and the investment made, it is possible to say that the project allowed Rubicer to expand its presence and its notoriety in the international market, having directly contributed - among other aspects - to the carrying out international business missions to strategic markets such as Germany, China, Spain and Brazil, as well as for participation in international projection and outreach events held in Germany, France and Spain.

It is, therefore, the company's belief that the realization of the RUBIWORLD project - which highlights and reinforces the company's commitment to its global growth and expansion strategy - was instrumental in streamlining the company's penetration into new geographic markets with greater added value, contributing for Portugal's specialization in sectors considered strategic.