In 2020, Rubicer completed 20 years of activity.

Over the years, customers, suppliers and other partners have contributed to achieving what we, as a company and brand, represent today: experience, demand, quality and satisfaction of those who daily combine Rubicer products and transform environments.

The priority of our team is to satisfy the customer, in their most diverse styles or preferences.

20 years of experience.

20 years of innovation.

20 years of personality.

20 years of value creation.

20 years of transforming dreams into real scenarios.

20 years that without all Rubicer partners would not be possible.



Design and innovation are prominent words in all Rubicer collections. With a team of industry experts, here you will find the differentiation you are looking for.

Constantly updated in the face of market trends, Rubicer does not develop and sell only products. Aware of the needs and specificities of each client that is unique, our team of specialists seeks to diversify with each new collection, considering the materials, dimensions, trends, colors, textures, practicality, quality, durability, without neglect the price factor.

Experience combined with sophistication and differentiation, make our products unique and recognized worldwide.



The company that was born in a small warehouse in Ovar - Aveiro, today exports to the five continents.

The constant presence in international fairs, the online and offline dissemination of catalogs and brochures, allows us to spread our experience all over the world, providing comfort, satisfaction and well-being to countless customers, families, interior designers, architects and entrepreneurs, in their more diverse cultures and peculiarities.

For the convenience of our customers, we have a personalized and excellent service dedicated exclusively to the foreign market, whether in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish.

Our team takes care of the entire process, from the joint choice of products to the logistical processes inherent in international trade.



With an established network of partners in mainland Portugal and islands, proximity to the customer, in a constant perspective of respect, collaboration and integration of solutions, service and customer satisfaction, are maxims of our internal policy.

The constant process of updating and digitizing the brand allows anytime, anywhere, for any customer, to access our catalogs, either through our free and easy-to-use App (available for IOS and Android), or through our website, developed based on the best online communication techniques. On both platforms, it is possible to choose products by category, and to access with a click the images, manuals and technical files.