The host city of rubicer, Ovar, located in the North Coast Center of Portugal, is also known as the museum city of tiles, and its history and architecture served as the basis for the Retro flooring collection. rubicer.  

    Mother Church of Ovar 


The Retro Rubicer coating collection was entirely inspired by the architecture and history of Portuguese tiles. For a few months our development team searched for inspiration in history, lines and drawings in order to translate the unique and traditional communication of this element. The result was our collection in natural finish and also has 2 different models, Retro Gray and Retro Mix, available in dimensions: 60x60cm and 20x20cm.

Created in the mid-fifteenth century, Portuguese tiles are millenary decorative pieces with their unique shapes and designs that culturally represent the people of Portugal and are an authorial record of its history. They can be found with more or less presence throughout Portugal. In Ovar, its application has its own characteristics and the volume, shadows and light contrast stand out. His engravings represent historical, religious, hunting, war and other scenes. Due to the longevity of its use, tiles can be found on walls, floors and ceilings. They can be found in Churches and public places as well as in smaller houses. 

The 25th of July is the city's day in Ovar. And we could not fail to express here our gratitude for being the city that welcomes and inspires us.   See below some of the tile models preserved on the facades of the city's buildings. 


Photographs of the facades of Ovar buildings | Town Hall Square of Ovar


Walking through the streets of Ovar, it is almost impossible not to notice the quality of the city's architecture. The recent works inspired by Portuguese tiles share space with the ancient preserved architecture and bring a unique color to the city of just over 60 thousand inhabitants.  

To commemorate the date, the City Council decorated various points of the city with local references and made available an activity calendar to run from 22 to 25 July. See the calendar here 



So much contribution and representation in the design of the city could not fail to be recognized in current times as well. So, it emerged the new Retro Coating Collection Rubicer which was all inspired by the architecture and history of Portuguese tiles. With a range of 63 variations, the collection makes any project even more interesting.  

In addition, the worn natural finish gives an extra charm to the product and also allows the possibility of application on internal floors, internal and external walls, including facades. Such as in bathrooms, living rooms, balconies and kitchens, or even authorial and personalized projects. Each design was carefully created and makes reference to times and cultural elements that marked an entire era. There are no limits to creations resulting in unique designs full of character and history.  







The entire range of Retro Coatings is available through the Rubicer Partner Network.  Download our free flooring, flooring and covering catalog here: RUBICER CATALOGS