Choosing the ideal environment for the home office has become a necessity for many Portuguese. Because of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus, workers needed to quickly adapt their home and routine to the new reality. To maintain social isolation and health, building the ideal working environment at home requires a little creativity and adaptations. But with a few tips from Rubicer it is possible to easily design a special and practical corner.

Basically, a home office needs to have a desk for the computer, a chair and adequate lighting. Ideally, the structure should be close to sufficient outlets and also have access to the internet. There are often some limitations.

Environment for the home office

Even improvised, the ideal space needs to be calm and well lit, like this room.

With the family at home, remember that the space needs to be quiet and allow some privacy, but without interfering too much in the routine of the house. The secret, therefore, is to avoid collective living environments as much as possible, such as the living room or kitchen. That way you can work while your kids play and watch their favorite cartoons, for example.

A good option is to use the room. But be careful, no work lying on the bed. This attitude can harm both posture and productivity. If you have a bench, just add a comfortable chair.

Another option is to temporarily transfer the kitchen table to the room, if you have enough space. It is also possible to adapt another piece of furniture in the house. The important thing is that the object has the ideal height for you not to be bent and, consequently, to feel pain in the spine.

Remember that the place needs to be well lit. If possible, position the home office near the window. Another hypothesis is to place a more powerful lamp or lamp on the bench.

Small spaces also work 

Even small spaces can work during this period. Despite the unusual, the balcony becomes a good environment for an adapted home-office. In addition to privacy, the place also has a pleasant climate for the performance of activities.

If it is not possible to avoid it, the room usually has enough space for the installation of an improvised office. The important thing here is to manage privacy and avoid distractions as well. Television on and constant conversations with other residents will hurt your productivity.

So make it very clear that you are on working hours, even if confined at home. So the other members of your family will respect your moment, demanding less of your attention.


Beware of video conferences 

The Pau Brasil Claro floor room, from the Pau Brasil line, was designed with a perfect space for the home office

Another important point that needs to be considered is the contact with co-workers. Silence is necessary for calls and also for videoconferencing meetings. Of course, because of the pandemic, no one will be bothered by a possible barking of the dog or even the baby's crying.

But professionalism must be prioritized. If the makeshift office does not allow for the desired privacy, choose another quieter environment in the house to make calls and videoconferences. Just remember your youth, when you shut yourself in the room so your mom wouldn't hear the conversation with your friends. Before starting the call, inform the residents that you cannot be interrupted during that period.


Proper furniture makes work easier 

Furniture can be improvised for the home office, as in this room with the Classic Off White floor and black panel with K42 Tile, from the Archi glass line

An appropriate office makes routine work much more enjoyable. But during the pandemic it is necessary to improvise. So, it's time to put beauty aside. Certainly, the kitchen table was not intended to be in your room. But it may be a necessary alternative.

Another alternative is to try to find that old table that you used to support the computer in your parents 'or grandparents' house. With the proliferation of notebooks, many people ended up getting rid of these furniture. Even so, it is still possible to find some out there.

Attention also with the chair. It should be comfortable and have a backrest. So, avoid the banks. The children's play slate, on the other hand, becomes an improvised panel to record daily activities.

If you prefer, you can still buy furniture over the internet. Thus, you receive at home the necessary structure to adapt the environment for the home office. Don't forget to keep a stock of pens, notepads and notebooks.

With the pandemic it became clear the importance of always being prepared for the home office. Therefore, after this phase, the ideal is to plan the construction of a more appropriate corner for remote work.